Application Procedures

2s-ip Schramm Schneider Bertagnoll provides advice on the preparation and maintenance of your industrial property rights portfolio and develop strategies to protect your innovations. We prepare patent and utility model applications, conduct the grant proceedings before the German Patent and Trademark Office and the European Patent Office, and co-operate worldwide with specialised colleagues on the international protection of our clients inventions. In addition, we advise our clients on matters of employee inventor rights.

Since we are continuously involved in patent infringement proceedings, our experience from litigation is regularly integrated in the drafts of new industrial property rights applications. So our clients enjoy a double advantage

Our particular strengths lie in the high-tech sectors, in particular in electronic engineering, telecommunications, computer-related inventions (hardware and software), planning and organisation systems, image processing, cryptography, bioinformatics, as well as all fields of physics, and renewable energy (biofuels, solar, wind, wave, and geothermal power conversion).

A large proportion of our clients come from the fields of robotics, automotive technology, telecommunications, microelectronics, biomedical technology, physical measurement technology and optics. In these sectors, we benefit above all from the professional experience of our partners Dr. Günther Schneider, Dr. Michael Schramm and Dipl.-Inf. Andreas Bertagnoll, who contribute their many years of experience in national and international computer science and physics research centers.

Validity Proceedings

We defend our clients’ intellectual property rights against attacks from third parties in opposition, nullity and cancellation proceedings. Conversely, we conduct proceedings against third party’s patent Rights.

Patent Infringement Proceedings

2s-ip Schramm Schneider Bertagnoll provides a comprehensive service in patent infringement proceedings and other disputes involving technology before the civil courts.

We conduct negotiations for the extrajudicial settlement of patent disputes, advise our clients on the issue of warning letters, file anticipatory briefs and above all assert your patent rights against third parties. Conversely, we also defend our clients against actions based on a third-party’s patents.

The genuine integration of attorney at law and patent law expertise enables us to handle these proceedings, together with the usual parallel proceedings, i.e. opposition, nullity and cancellation proceedings, from a single source. Dr. Michael Schramm, as an Attorney at Law and European Patent Attorney, even combines the decisive fields of expertise in a single person.

For clients acting at global level, we collaborate with colleagues from other legal systems, particularly in Europe and the USA, contributing our extensive experience with multinational patent infringement Proceedings.

Should there be a specific patent law related question, please contact one of our patent attorneys or attorneys at law, specializing in patents:

Patent Attorney Dr.-Ing. Günther Schneider
Attorney at Law Dr.rer.nat. Michael Schramm
Patent Attorney Dipl.-Inf. Andreas Bertagnoll
Attorney at Law Stefan Wehrmann